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Husqvarna Lawnmowers & Equipment: Robotic Lawnmowers Accessories

Discover an industry leading range of Husqvarna lawn equipment. At Ripon Ground Care, we're proud to offer many different types of lawn mowers. Our selection includes Husqvarna robotic mowers, from 105 to the 450x, that can intelligently and independently cut your grass. These mowers can tackle complicated lawn shapes, are quiet enough to operate while you sleep, and include rain sensors to detect optimal cutting conditions. We also have Husqvarna riding and cordless mowers that feature exceptional manoeuvrability and superior cutting performance. If you're uncertain over the mower you need, read our lawn mower buying guide.

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Husqvarna Automower Connect - 586662313
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Husqvarna Automower Connect - 586662313
Control your Husqvarna Automower from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. Get status updates from your mower, control start, stop and park functions, change menu settings and receive alerts in case of theft. Upgrade your mower and download the app and start controlling your Automower remotely. Husqvarna provide 10 years free connection for the Automower Connect.
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Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-In Kit
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Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-In Kit
Buy the Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-In Kit for NERA Automowers® and create virtual boundaries without laying boundary wires.
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Husqvarna Automower Installation Kit
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Husqvarna Automower Installation Kit
The Automower installation kit includes all you need to install your Husqvarna Automower. The kit contains wire, connectors, joints and pegs. Kit sizes vary according to the size and complexity of your lawn. Small – suitable for open lawns of up to 800 square metres or more complex lawns of up to 400 square metres. Medium – suitable for open lawns of up to 2000 square metres or more complex lawns of up to 1000 square metres. Large – suitable for open lawns of up to 5000 square metres or more complex lawns of up to 2500 square metres.
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About Husqvarna Lawnmowers & Equipment

At Ripon Ground Care, we can help you discover a Husqvarna grass mower that is best suited to your needs. Husqvarna's comprehensive range caters for lawns of all sizes, from homeowners through to large scale commercial sites.

Husqvarna riding mowers are a hugely popular choice given their dexterity and varying specifications and attachments. Innovative robotic mowers have also become synonymous with the brand, as well as efficient smart technology that allows you to connect a smart phone your mower.

If you're weighing up a Husqvarna cordless lawn mower, check out some of the things to consider when it comes to cordless garden machinery. Alternatively, if you're seeking lawn mower parts or looking to book a service for your Husqvarna mower, you'll need to find the model number and serial number.

There are several reasons why your Husqvarna lawn mower won't turn over. It could be due to the spark plugs or air filters being dirty or damaged. It may also be because you are using old or stale fuel. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

Husqvarna Automowers use GPS technology and customisable boundary wires around the edge of a lawn to detect where they need to cut. They feature small, sharp blades to cut the grass little by little, recycling the clippings as natural fertiliser.

These mowers will alter their course if they encounter an object and will navigate back to their charging station using a guide wire when they need to recharge.

Husqvarna recommend using Husqvarna SAE 30 engine oil for most of their lawn mowers. You can find the suitable engine oil type in your mower's operator manual. Never mix two different types of oil.

The Husqvarna Group is headquartered in Stockholm. It has two more offices in Sweden as well as operations in Finland, Germany and the USA.

Husqvarna lawn mowers almost always use regular unleaded petrol or E10. 100% unleaded is the better of the two options, particularly towards the end of the mowing season when ethanol will draw moisture out the air and cause the fuel to stagnate. There are no significant performance or longevity gains from using premium fuel.

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