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Mains Electric Hedge Trimmers Buy Online in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Teesside

Mains Electric Hedge Trimmers

Light weight, easy to use and good value for money, mains electric hedge trimmers are the preferred means of cutting hedges for many gardeners. Browse & buy online or visit our branches to view our mains electric hedge trimmers in person.

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About Mains Electric Hedge Trimmers

Mains electric hedge trimmers are ideal for use on smaller hedges within easy reach of an electric socket.

Some electric hedge trimmers are double sided which means that there are cutting blades on both sides of the cutter bar. This allows the user to cut in up and down as well as side to side motions. Some hedge trimmers are single sided which means that there are cutting blades on only one side of the cutter bar. Single sided hedge trimmers tend to be better balanced but restrict the cutting direction. The biggest range of hedge trimmers from homeowner use models to professional models is in the double sided category with a small range of professional hedge trimmers available in the single sided range.

There is no single "best blade length", but rather you should choose a blade length that suits the tasks you'll be undertaking.

  • For trimming shrubs and a small hedge - an 18" blade length would be suitable
  • For trimming long and tall hedges - a longer blade length of around 24" - 28" would be more suitable

1. Blade length

The first thing to look at is the blade length. Understanding the type of work you're doing will help dictate what length of blade you require. For shrubs and small hedges, a smaller length of around 18" would be fine. For larger hedges, you would be better with a longer blade.

2. Standard or long reach

Are you trimming hedges within arms reach, or do you have tall, wider hedges that would require a long reach pole?

3. Power supply

Hedge trimmers are available in petrol, cordless battery or mains electric and each has it's placed in the market. A homeowner in a small garden where power sockets are available may find using a mains electric hedge trimmer meets their requirements, whereas a professional users may prefer a petrol powered or a cordless machine.

If you're considering a cordless machine, our short guide will help you choose.

4. Weight

The weight of the trimmer should be a key consideration when choosing which to buy. If you plan to operate the trimmer for long periods, it's important to ensure you're buying a trimmer that you're comfortable holding for long periods.

There are a few different types of hedge trimmers that are designed for different applications.

  • Shrub trimmers (8" blade length)
  • Standard handheld (typically between 18" - 30" blade length)
  • Long reach (various lengths, sometimes telescopic, typically 18" - 24" blade length)
  • Hedge trimmer attachment for a combination tool (fixed or articulating, typically 20" - 24" blade length)

Some of the best hedge trimmer brands are STIHL, ECHO, Husqvarna, Honda and Mountfield. These brands provide a range of hedge trimmers and long reach hedge trimmers for homeowners through to professionals, in cordless, mains electric and petrol options.

Petrol powered hedge trimmers are popular machines with all kinds of users. To help you decide whether you should choose a petrol trimmer, here's a list of upsides and downsides.

Upsides of petrol hedge trimmers

  • Petrol hedge trimmers can run for as long as you need them to, so long as you have fuel to top up
  • By looking after your machine with regular maintenance and servicing you can ensure it will last for a long time
  • Lower initial cost as there's no batteries or charger required
  • No need to worry about flat batteries and recharging

Downsides of petrol hedge trimmers

  • 2-stroke engines require the right mix of fuel and oil
  • Petrol machines are subject to higher servicing costs compared to cordless and mains electric
  • Petrol engine trimmers produce more noise and vibration levels, though this varies by model
  • Petrol engines emit exhaust fumes
  • Petrol models are typically heavier than a comparable cordless or mains electric models

Cordless hedge trimmers are increasingly popular with homeowners and professional users. Here's a list of upsides and downsides of buying a battery powered hedge trimmer.

Upsides of cordless hedge trimmers

  • Cordless trimmers are cheaper to run than a petrol alternative based on the cost of electric to charge the battery compared with the cost of fuel
  • Cheaper servicing costs compared to a petrol trimmer
  • Switching batteries is quick and easy, allowing you to continue cutting in just a few seconds
  • Cordless hedge trimmers typically have a longer run time than other cordless garden machinery tools, even when using smaller capacity batteries
  • Cordless trimmers produce lower noise and vibration levels making them more enjoyable to operate
  • Due to the quieter noise emissions, cordless trimmers are more suitable for noise sensitive areas
  • No direct emissions from the hedge trimmer
  • No petrol and oil to mix

Downsides of cordless hedge trimmers

  • Higher initial cost when buying the hedge trimmer, battery and charger compared with an alternative petrol model
  • Charging times can be long, particularly with standard chargers
  • If you only have one battery, your cutting will stop when the battery is exhausted until it is recharged

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