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Four things to consider when buying cordless garden machinery

How to choose Cordless Garden Machinery

There’s no doubt that cordless (battery powered) garden machinery is growing in popularity. We can see it from our sales data, which shows strong year on year growth.

In recent years cordless garden machinery has started to offer the same, or better, performance as petrol powered equivalents. The understanding of this in the market is growing and supercharging demand.

A large part of this is Lithium-ion battery technology. Unlike older cordless equipment where you would notice a drop in performance very quickly as the battery started to drain, lithium-ion batteries provide full power until the battery is flat.

It’s revolutionising the whole garden machinery market. From small domestic machines through to commercial, professional equipment – cordless is replacing traditional mains electric and petrol-powered products.

So what do you need to consider when buying cordless garden machinery?

All the usual decisions you would make when choosing petrol or mains electric still apply. For example, when buying a lawnmower you will think about things like:

  • Cutting width
  • Push versus self-propelled
  • Cylinder versus rotary

Similarly, when buying a hedge trimmer, for example, you will think about things like:

  • Single versus double sided
  • Tooth spacing
  • Weight

But there are also other important things to consider when choosing cordless machinery.

4 things to consider

Buying cordless lawn mower

1. The range

Manufacturers design their battery systems to be compatible with a range of machines. So, if you’re ever likely to extend your range from, say, a mower to add a strimmer, a chainsaw, or a hedge trimmer, it will be useful to look at the full range before making your first purchase.

This will allow you to expand your products without needing to invest in a new battery and charger and ensure any future equipment you might need is available.

2. Battery size

Make sure the battery you choose is sufficient for your current and future uses.

For example, you may buy a hedge trimmer today and choose a battery that will give you 2.5 hours hedge cutting time. However, bear in mind that the same battery on a leaf blower may only give 15 minutes run time.

Also consider if access to mains electric for charging is awkward, such as working in a remote field. If this is the case, ensuring your battery capacity will be sufficient to finish the job in one charge will make your life much easier.

Choosing the right battery today will save you time and money in the long run.

3. Charge time

Just as there are batteries with different capacities, there are chargers with different power outputs for quicker charging times.

Make sure to understand the different charging times for your battery so you can choose the charger that’s convenient for your use.

4. Battery and charger combinations

If you want to work for long periods of time and plan on buying multiple batteries, try to choose a combination of batteries and charger that will allow you to have a battery fully charged in the time that it takes you to drain another battery.

In this way you can keep working for long periods by always having a fully charged battery as you run one battery down.

Helpful information

Manufacturers publish tables of product run times and battery charge times to allow you to make informed choices when making your purchases. If you need help finding the battery and charging information for a product, get in touch and we can help.

Much of our cordless garden machinery is available to order online, with free local delivery to large areas of northern England.

Or if you’d like to get a feel for the machinery in person, we have branches across northern England.

Posted: 08 August 2022

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