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Our Top 5 Large Lawnmowers for 2024

If your garden has large areas of grass to maintain, having the right lawnmower is the easiest way to make mowing your lawn a manageable and enjoyable garden task.

Read on and we'll give you our expert tips on:

  • Five of our favourite mowers that are perfect for large gardens
  • What you should look for when choosing
  • Why it's important to choose the right mower

Five of our favourite lawn mowers for large gardens

Mountfield SP53 Elite

Large Mountfield mower

Mountfield are a sought-after brand providing a range of cost-effective walk-behind and ride-on lawnmowers. Although more of an entry level mower, the SP53 Elite is not short on features found on some higher specification models.

Order the Mountfield SP53 Elite with free White Glove Delivery or browse our wide range of Mountfield mowers available from stock.

Recent review:

Top service and a great price(cheaper than Amazon,really!) Delivered and explained by a gentleman,very happy indeed and the mower is just GREAT!!! One very happy bunny!! THANK YOU.!!! – Mike Collins


Large STIHL mower

The STIHL RMA453 PV is a battery-powered, self-propelled lawn mower designed for homeowners with larger gardens. New for 2024, it uses the STIHL AP System range of batteries and chargers. Without the need of tools, simply choose between grass collection, side or rear discharge, and mulching.

Buy the STIHL RMA453 PV Cordless Lawnmower with free White Glove Delivery. or browse our wide range of STIHL mowers available from stock.

Honda HRN536VY

Large Honda lawn mower

The Honda Izy HRN536VY is the ideal lawnmower for the larger lawn where collection, mulching and rear discharge of the grass clippings may all be required.

The HRN536VY is a four wheel mower that delivers top quality performance and a high degree of versatility at an economical price.

Buy the Honda Izy HRN536VY with free White Glove Delivery.or browse our range of Honda lawn mowers available from stock.

Hayter Harrier 48 In Start

Hayter Harrier 48

    The Hayter Harrier 48 is a high performance mower with a host of features that will make cutting your grass a joy. To name a few:

    • A push-button start (named InStart by Briggs & Stratton) means you can simply push a button to start the engine.
    • A split rear-roller makes for easier turning whilst creating classic stripes on your lawn.
    • Vari-Pitch – The latest Hayter Harrier 48 range features Vari-Pitch cutting technology that automatically adjusts the forward-pitch angle of the cutter deck as the height of cut is raised or lowered, increasing airflow in more difficult conditions to ensure efficient grass collection.

    Buy the Hayter Harrier 48 InStart with free White Glove Delivery.or browse our range of Hayter lawn mowers available from stock.

    Honda HRX476QY

    Honda HRX 476 QY

    As with all Honda products, the HRX476QY is "built better to last longer". Featuring a powerful and easy starting 167cc 4-stroke Honda engine, Roto-Stop® technology and self-propelled drive, this is an excellent mower with a huge 7-year warranty.

    Buy the Honda HRX476QY InStart Lawnmower with free White Glove Delivery or browse our range of Honda lawn mowers available from stock..

    Here's why it's important to buy the right mower when you have a large garden

    Spend less time cutting

    In the peak growing months, it’s likely you’ll need to cut your grass at least once per week to maintain a healthy lawn. With such a regular task, being able to cut your lawn in a reasonable time will save you hours over the course of a year.

    Reduce the time spent emptying the grass bag

    When collecting your grass cuttings, one of the more tedious tasks is emptying the grass bag. Larger lawnmowers typically have larger grass bags meaning you don’t need to empty as frequently. You will also find features that help, such as the Honda MicroCut® Twin Blade which produce smaller clippings. Smaller clippings reduce the volume of the grass collected, allowing you to collect more grass before emptying.

    Enjoy your lawn

    Wave goodbye to frustrations with inadequate equipment. With a mower that's up to the task, you can get back to enjoying your lawn care routine instead of it being a chore.

    Save your energy

    When it comes to walk behind lawnmowers there are those that you push, and those that are self-driven by the power of the engine or motor. With a self-driven (or self-propelled) lawnmower, you simply walk behind the mower and guide or steer it.

    Read our short guide on self-propelled drive and how it works.

    If you have large areas of grass to cut, a self-propelled mower is highly recommended and will take much of the strain out of mowing.

    What to look for when buying a lawnmower for a large garden

    Minimum 18" cutting width

    Look for a mower with a cutting width of at least 18"/46cm which will enable you to mow in a reasonable time frame.

    Forget mains electric - choose petrol or cordless

    Petrol engine mowers ensure you can refuel and continue mowing for as long as needed, but consider a cordless mower with interchangeable batteries that can be easily swapped in just a few seconds.

    Quality and warranty ensures a good investment

    This goes with any garden machinery purchase, but it's important to consider what support and spare parts are available for the brand and model you choose. All the brands we sell offer a high quality range of mowers with generous warranties, and we'll be on hand to provide spares and repairs down the line if needed.

    Productivity and ease of use

    Manufacturers are always innovating to develop new features and technologies to improve user friendliness and productivity of their mowers. Here are some features we'd strongly recommend when deciding on a large lawnmower:

    1. Self-propelled drive - A self driven mower means you don't need to physically push it. Simply stand behind the mower and steer. This is highly recommended for larger, heavier mowers.
    2. Large grass bag - We'd recommend at least 50 litres to reduce the time you'll spend emptying.
    3. Optional mulching - With a large lawn, there will be a lot of grass cuttings to collect. With the option to mulch when desired you won't need to collect the clippings and empty your grass bag.
    4. Electric start - If you're decided on a mower with a petrol engine, Electric Start is a feature that removes the need to pull a recoil starter cord each time you wish to start the mower.
    5. Blade brake clutch - Another feature found on petrol mowers, this allows you to step away from the mower whilst the engine continues running by safely disengaging the blades. Honda call this features Roto Stop®.

      Looking for more information?

      How to choose a large mower

      Other alternatives to consider:

      Interested in learning more? Read our guide to choosing the perfect lawnmower.

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      Posted: 07 June 2024

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