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GreenTek Flicker-Brush
GreenTek Flicker-Brush
GreenTek Flicker-Brush
GreenTek Flicker-Brush

GreenTek Flicker-Brush


The patent pending Flicker-Brush solves fairway wormcast problems for greenkeepers struggling with the banning of Carbendazim.

Product Details & Features

The new patent pending Flicker-Brush has been specifically designed to be the solution to the fairway wormcast problem which greenkeepers have been struggling with ever since the banning of Carbendazim in 2017. It takes our turf brush design to a whole new level.

Existing brushes on the market, be they of the static or rotary type, all have the tendency to smear the wormcasts when damp, resulting in brown muddy looking fairways. The Flicker-Brush uses totally different technology to overcome this.

The bristles themselves are thicker, longer, and less densely packed so that they pass between the blades of grass, rather than smearing over the surface. The three brush frames all run on their own castor wheels, with the bristle tips set just lightly touching the turf. This causes the bristles to flex slightly backwards, then energetically flick forwards repeatedly as the brush moves over the turf. This rapid flicking motion, combined with the extra bristle length and thickness, produces a shattering action on the wormcasts which effectively disperses them without smearing them into the turf surface.

Benefits of the GreenTek Flicker-Brush

  • Shatters wormcasts without smearing
  • Reduces mud build-up on mower rollers
  • Saves blunting and regrinding blades
  • Lifts nap for a cleaner cut
  • Reduces mowing frequency by up to 33%
  • Saves time, money, and maintenance
  • Ideal for topdressing and dew dispersal

Product Specifications

Working width folded in2.2m
Working width folded out5.3m
Tractor requirements35hp+ with double-acting spool valve

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