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Mains Electric Chainsaws

Mains electric chainsaws for homeowner use are ideal for tasks such as pruning and cutting firewood. Browse & buy online or visit our branches to view our electric chainsaws in person. In stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

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About Mains Electric Chainsaws

Entry level electric chainsaws are suited to occasional homeowner use. A typical user would be cutting relatively small amounts of wood for use on his/her fire at home and/or using the chainsaw for light tree pruning in the garden. Higher specification electric chainsaws tend to be used in situations where the usage is more than “occasional”. Electric chainsaws are ideal for situations where there is a need to keep noise and emissions to a minimum. This might include indoor use in, for example, in a wood store or a carpenter’s workshop. Of course, some users just prefer the ease of using an electric chainsaw because it avoids the need to buy petrol and prepare the two-stoke mixture required by petrol chainsaws.


When buying a chainsaw, buy a saw that suits your type of use. Chainsaws are generally categorised as homeowner, semi-professional or professional models. Choose a model that is the right size for the wood you want to cut on a regular basis. Do not buy bigger than you need. Always keep your chainsaw sharp. You will need a filing kit suited to the chain fitted to your chosen model. Chainsaw sharpening is a regular maintenance task. A blunt chainsaw is dangerous and will lead to you having to replace your guide bar and chain prematurely.

Safety Notice

We strongly recommend that chainsaw personal protective equipment be worn at all times whilst working with or around a chainsaw. Properly fitting personal protective equipment that meets the latest standards offers the best protection against personal injury. However, no protective equipment can provide total protection against injury and therefore protective equipment should not be used as a substitute for operating a chainsaw in accordance with the instructions and safe operating practices. For advice on personal protective equipment please contact us.

All our Mains Electric Chainsaws will be handed over fully assembled and will have undergone a thorough pre-delivery inspection by one of our technicians.

Chainsaw FAQ's

There are many things to consider when choosing which chainsaw to buy, but one of the first things to get straight is the type of work you will be using the chainsaw for, as this will guide you to the correct size for your needs. Some of the most common tasks are:

  • cross cutting logs for firewood
  • cutting back or felling trees
  • pruning and maintenance to trees and shrubs

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to chainsaws. We strongly advise not choosing a saw that’s bigger than the tasks you’re working on, as large chainsaws are heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre over extended periods.

Start by identifying the largest diameter of wood that you will need to cut, then use this to decide the size of chainsaw to buy.

It’s not possible to cover every consideration here, such as brands, power sources and additional features. If you’re at all unsure, our highly trained sales team are here to help. They’ll work with you to find the chainsaw that’s just right for you and for the work you do.

Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing a chainsaw.

Guide bar length options

Many saws come with a choice of guide bar length. Often, shorter bars make for a better balanced saw meaning they're easier to handle. Plus, a shorter chain typically makes for a more efficient tool. If you do need a longer bar, we’d suggest going up a model for the extra power.

The weight of the saw

All the weights you’ll see on our website, in our branches or on printed material are dry weights – meaning they’re quoted without fuel or chain oil, or the guide bar and chain. If you’re unsure, the best way to get a proper idea of weight is to visit one of our branches and handle some different options before making a final decision.

Petrol of cordless

Nowadays, your choice of power is petrol or cordless battery powered.

When it comes to chainsaws, there is a great choice of cordless models now available, which can be even lighter and easier to handle than equivalent petrol models. Read our short guide on things you should consider when deciding whether to go cordless.

Additional features

Some of the most desired features on a chainsaw are quick chain tensioning, easy-start features and tool free tank caps.

It is essential to wear suitable protective equipment when operating a chainsaw. Husqvarna provide a helpful guide covering the basics of chainsaw safety requirements which is a good resource if there’s anything you’re not sure of. Our range of protective clothing can be found in our Workwear and PPE category.

The size of chainsaw required entirely depends on the type of work it will be used for. For typical garden maintenance tasks such as pruning, felling small trees or larger shrubs and cutting logs for firewood, a saw with a 12-14” guide bar will be a good option.

For a lighter, quieter option with less vibration, consider a cordless battery chainsaw. If you’re comfortable with mixing fuel and oil for 2-stroke engines, there are many petrol chainsaws for you to choose from.

Top handle chainsaws are designed to be used by professional arborists working in trees. Before you can purchase a top handle chainsaw, you must have successfully completed a tree climbing course and be able to show valid certification to verify this.

You could consider a pole pruner. A pole pruner has a power unit and a chainsaw cutting head connected by a long pole. Pole pruners typically have either a 10” or 12” guide bar.

Pole pruners allow you to safely cut higher branches whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Some pole pruner saws have telescopic shafts that can be extended to reach even higher heights.

Some of the best chainsaws on the market are from brands such as STIHL, Husqvarna and ECHO. All three manufacturers provide a range of chainsaws for entry level homeowner tasks, right through to professional arborist and forestry work.

Definitely. In recent years we’ve seen more and more cordless chainsaws hit the market for both homeowner and professional applications. Some key benefits are:

  • They are typically lighter, quieter and produce less vibration which makes them easier and more enjoyable to operate
  • Without a petrol engine, there’s no oil and fuel to mix for 2 stroke
  • Starting issues have been removed
  • Overall the saw produces noise for less time, due to the saw operating only when the trigger is being pressed

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